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Adult  Self-Sufficient Services

We provide adult self-sufficiency services based on a Self-Sufficieny Matrix. We assess the needs of the home, and connect the families with the resources they need to become stable.

Community Service & Restitution

We are an approved vendor for "VolunteerNow". Once you have received your "VolunteerNow"form, you will be able to complete your hours with YDP. We have fun Community Volunteer Service Projects.Come Volunteer with us!


If you have the ambitious spirit to run your own organization, work it 24/7, and earn revenue at the end, Then This Program is For YOU!


Join our Workshops for your next traininng. These 3 day trainings are designed to help give you the skills to set-up your own successful business.

Substance Abuse

Are you an adult who struggles with Substance Abuse? Do you wantHelp?  Our Substamce Abuse program is centered around the family, andwe focus on the support of the household.

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