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Teens For Success

Real talk with teens.

Teens For Success is a program that is targeted towards At-Risk youth between the ages 13-17. ​This class gets REAL with the youth, and helps them understand the dangers our their unproductive lifestyle. It helps combat their street lifestyle, and brings reality to the forefront. 

  • Little Things Matter

  • The little things you do every day, whether positive or negative, will determine what kind of life you lead.

  • Attitude is Everything

  • Your actions are driven by what you most deeply believe about yourself and the world.

  • Use the Moment

  • You can create a better future by spending less time in the past and taking action in the present.

  • Everything Starts with Small Steps

  • Every success in life, large or small, starts and continues with small steps.

  • There’s No Such Thing as Failure

  • Success is built on failure, which helps you discover your strengths and creates unexpected opportunities.

  • Habits Are Powerful

  • Positive habits are powerful tools that can help you reach your full potential.

  • You’re Always Learning

  • There’s no standing still in life, you always have opportunities to learn something new.

  • Make Your Dreams Into Reality

  • By taking small, positive steps over time, your dreams can come true.

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